Sunday, September 27, 2009

pay pal!

Dairymen's is a nonprofit membership organization that can only accept payment for lodging from members.

Use the pay pal link bellow to pay with a credit card, or send us a check for the cost of your stay and we will pay Dairymen's directly.

Many thanks!
Martha and Jake


  1. Hi Martha,
    How about a posting on the Martha-Jake Thanksgiving Day menu? Your parents put on a lovely Tday dinner: roasted carrots, roasted corn, sweet potatoes whipped with Jack Daniels, stuffing, and a golden turkey, then pecan pie and homemade pumpkin pie that Helene made. The boys scampered in & out, hoping for a crumb to drop. Then, after the meal, they allowed us to pick them up on our laps & massage them, as their little wrinkly faces relaxed and they snored contentedly.

    Julia and Livvie came for dessert, and it was great to chat with them. Your parents seem so happy together - Your Dad apparently worked hard on prepping the turkey, plus other prep chores. And your Mom as usual produced delicious treats.

    Hey, Martha - Did you realize that your Blog Profile still describes Jake as your Boyfriend? Hey, maybe that's a good way to keep a little excitement going as you settle into married life.
    Hope all is well with you both!