Wednesday, January 28, 2009

IRB, a fetching cat and a call for potato recipes!

The IRB approved my project! This is good! Or at least feels like progress.

IRB down; pre-tests and finalizing steps with housing authorities and legal departments and whatnot still to go. The grant application that sucked up my time is behind me, and Jake is packed off to NYC for the weekend so I can theoretically get a ton of work done. And I have about 12 lists of things to do all ready to go. Feels promising.

I'm off to a coffee shop to hopefully plow through some list items for a couple of hours, and to avoid procrastinating by attempting to do something with the 5 pounds of potatoes--two or three weeks worth--I have taunting me from their perch in the kitchen. I already wasted time by taking a picture of the stupid potatoes. I really need help with potato ideas. Anything you like to do with them?! Please send them my way.

In the meantime, here is my friend Shannon's cat Pumpkin. Pumpkin fetches hair ties. Seriously. I've been bugging her to put the fetching cat on You Tube, and she finally did. I am also impressed with her video editing skills.

Send potato ideas!

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  1. Hi! Yea on the IRB!!! Tremendous.
    We eat Potatoes several times a week, but usually the same ways. Did you realize that British people are super into potatoes? We have mashed, with very hot mustard (think colemans) or even wasabi paste or powder. Also baked or roasted. Brits roast their potaoes a lot - it is the national dish or something. You just peel them, cut them in large pieces, maybe boil them a bit to get the outside soft (only 5 minutes or so - par boiling - not required but makes them better)and then you 'bash them about' to rough up the outsides. Then you toss in oil (Olive oil doesn't work too well as it makes the potatoes stick to the pan so veg oil or canola etc. is better) and bake them in the oven around 45 minutes at around 350 until they are golden brown. mmmmmm. btw if a british person saw my 'recipe' i'm sure they would have some comment on how I am doing some part of it wrong. There are huge debates on how exactly to make the best ones. Oh and you can toss with some herbs too if you wanted to be fancy. Lxx