Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rocky Shots!

I almost forgot! Beth has requested Rocky shots twice now -- here are enough for a year. He is fine and snoring as I write this, even though yesterday I only have him one of the two scoops of food he is entitled to for breakfast before I left for work. I'm a bit distracted these days. He forgave me.

Rocky on a road trip:
Rocky in a hat:

Rocky asleep on a chair.

Artistic fuzzy cell phone Rocky shot in Brooklyn:
Rocky too lazy to right himself during a nap after sliding off a pillow and into the space between Jake and the pillow:
Rocky and The Baby:
Rocky at Thanksgiving on Staten Island:

Rocky looking alert and sporty:

Jake and Rocky watching TV:
Rocky showing he loves me more than Jake, and me and Rocky looking similar somehow, I think:


  1. Good news on the progress you're making on the survey. It's an incredible amount of work, but you've made the crucial beginning. Hope it goes very well for you. This is important work, and will be of real utility for many social service workers, as well as for policy analysts and policy makers. Brava!

    Latest photos of Rocky (and you and Jake) are marvelous... and much-appreciated.

    Thanks for providing enough Rocky shots to last a while, but please consider making Rocky Cameos a regular (monthly? biweekly?) feature of the Martha Blog. Your fans will thank you for it! Plus, what other urbanist's blog in the world would have a regular Pug Feature? (They wouldn't know what they were missing... The Urbanists, I mean, not the pugs.)


  2. Thanks Beth! I'll definitely try and get some pug shots in periodically ... I do love the pug. But having another regularly scheduled task to fall behind on seems like more than I can bear. "Periodically" is about all I can commit to at the moment! XO

  3. I love the pug shots We have a cocker spaniel, lovable but not as dignified as a pug.thanks,Jean

  4. Hi Martha,
    Here's a quick hello, and a link to a blog that you'll enjoy, I think: Lots of lovely food writing, and more.

    People in my office love your blog! One person in particular, who has a dog herself, adores your Rocky Shots! (and plenty of others agree with her, including yrs truly).