Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cracked cheesecake!

The cardinal sin of cheesecakes came to pass: it cracked, long and deep.

According to the cheese cake fanatics it could be any number of things. I think I just forgot to grease the sides of the pan. It likely would have let the sides of the cake pull away from the pan, and prevented the cake crack. But the thing tastes pretty good, so I'll call it a success.


  1. THis is my favorite blog ever. I am considering the soup recipe but the cheesecake might have to wait until I'm better adopting your exercise ethic... Where are the promised pics of Rocky? As far as I can tell he was meant to be a substantial part of this blog (25%).

  2. Martha, I am trying to get in touch with you, helped greatly by Beth. I love your blog and enjoy reading it.Jean

  3. Hi Jean! Thanks -- Beth has my email, and you should get it from her ... I'll ask her to put us in touch.